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Brand of the moment – Sacred Taste

By Jivita Lifestyler | 19th July 2020| 21 days Ago| Brand
By Jivita Lifestyler | 19th July 2020
21 days Ago| Brand

Being a fellow Melbournite, we were enthusiastic to support such a beautiful, conscious and local company.

Everything being 100% organic, gluten free, dairy free, cane sugar free and preservative free we couldn’t wait to devour a Sacred Taste hot chocolate. Earth is so far coming up trumps as our favourite.

Creating more than just a party in your mouth, Sacred Taste are not only holding cocoa dance parties but are giving back to the Amazon Rainforest by contributing to Rainforest Rescue. They are connecting and giving back to their community in a generous and effective way. Go team!

Impressively the packaging is 100% recycled; printed using plant-based inks as well as using plant-based adhesives; and printed using solar power.They are 100% compostable, magically decomposing within 90 days and to top it all off, they deliver their goodies in recycled boxes.


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