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Activated almonds are a healthy snack: what are activated nuts?

By Jivita Lifestyler | 14th April 2020| Blogs
By Jivita Lifestyler | 14th April 2020| Blogs

Nuts are magic. They are a burst of natural and healthy vitamins and minerals. They are rich sources of essential fatty acids; packed full of vitamins, minerals, proteins (amino acids), fibre, bioactive compounds, phytonutrients and antioxidants; and are a highly dense source of energy.[1]

“They have been shown to have nutritional characteristics that can benefit human health, in particular, regarding the prevention and treatment of diseases.”[2]

Activated almonds are better for you

So, what is the fuss about activating almonds and nuts?


Apart from preserving the nutritious status of the nuts (low temperature heating protects the heat sensitive oils in the nuts which are destroyed upon heating nuts at high temperatures), activation also improves the digestibility of nuts and increases the absorption of other minerals.

Why you ask?

Nuts naturally contain numerous enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid, which helps protect them from predators and safeguards them until they are ready for growth and germination.


How are Nuts Activated?


Nuts are easier for us to digest and the nutrients are more readily available, if the enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid are neutralised before we consume them. This is done by soaking the nuts in salty or vinegary water and then gently dehydrating them. This process results in the nuts starting to sprout – they are alive again and are more nutrient dense than just raw nuts.


There are not many scientific studies done in this field, but traditionally many cultures have dehydrated their nuts (generally dried in the natural sunshine) for many years.

The Process of Nut and Almond Activation


Step 1.

Soak your nuts in filtered water with either a couple of pinches of salt or a dash of apple cider vinegar for about 12 hours (some nuts such as cashews may require less time – 6 hours)  and, the germination process begins.

Step 2.

After the 12 hours, rinse the nuts under cold filtered water.

Step 3.

Dehydrate the soaked nuts. You may do this either in a dehydrator or in the oven on a very low for 12 to 24 hours – as long as it takes to dry the nuts out. Taste them before storing to ensure they are fully dried out – you should bite into a crunch!

Step 4.

Once the nuts are dehydrated, they can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for many months.[1]

The Tricks Behind Storing Activated Nuts


Activated nuts are easier to store than raw nuts.

Nuts grow on trees in a shell and much like eggs they stay fresher and more nutrient dense if only cracked before eating. Imagine if you cracked an egg, put it in a jar and stored it for a few weeks before consuming it. Vomit material!

Nuts are similar, they will be a power-ball of nutrition whilst in their shells but can turn rancid quite rapidly once out of their shell.

So, what does this mean for you? One option is to purchase a nutcracker and to crack the shell of each nut before devouring. Yes, this is fun for a while, but it can become tedious.

The other option is to activate your nuts.

(Please note that walnuts are much more likely to go rancid as they contain large quantities of triple unsaturated linolenic acid, so they should always be stored in the fridge).

(Please note that walnuts are much more likely to go rancid as they contain large quantities of triple unsaturated linolenic acid, so they should always be stored in the fridge).

And best of all …..


Activated nuts taste divine and can be then made into nut butters, nut mylks, bliss balls or eaten as a simple delicious treat.

Catherine loves making nut butters. Her favourite is ABC, almonds, brazil nuts and cashews, she blends them in equal parts to make a spread. She uses also uses activated almonds and other activated nuts to make her famous bliss balls. Activated nut butters and activated almond and cashew nuts can be found in our online shop.

Kirsty loves making activated nut mylks and adding various adaptogens. She likes to add lion’s mane for a pick-me-up or ashwagandha, reishi and cacao before bed. SO GOOD!!!!

One word of warning:


The consumption of nuts is increasing due to the decrease in wheat flours and its replacement with nut flours. One tablespoon of almond flour is the equivalent of about 9 almonds.[1] You should be wary of over-consuming any food and nuts are no exception. Having said that… enjoy and consume a variety! Rotate is best!

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