The Jivita Way.

We are two very passionate women that are driven to create a raw, honest space for the Jivita community, exploring the ins and outs of a natural life. We have incredibly high standards of what we choose to put into our own lives and therefore what we share with you.

Each product has been consciously chosen to be aligned with our ethics and values. We are bubbling with excitement about each and every product and can’t wait to share them with you.


Our product selection includes consideration of the following:

• Cleanest ingredients/No hidden nasties
• Conscious approach
• Ethical approach
• Natural/low-toxin
• Eco-friendly, all round
• Cruelty-free (All animal products are of the HIGHEST standards. We do believe in the circle of life but respect and gratitude at every part along the journey.)
• Sustainable to our world
• Community driven – takes a village guys

Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Kirsty McDaide

Kirsty McDaide

The ‘Big Picture’ Coach.

Kirsty, an English-born Aussie living in Melbourne, has over 16 years full time clinical experience as a holistic exercise and lifestyle coach, she has built a wealth of understanding, while constantly growing and exploring to discover what else she can create or learn to move herself and others along a journey towards optimal health. Proudly C.H.E.K. Institute trained Kirsty leaves no stone unturned. She uses her extensive knowledge of the body and holistic living, along with a deep intuition, to create a powerful space for her clients to reach their true potential with incredible results.

Kirsty is a passionate coach and embodies a holistic life to its fullest. She is enthusiastic about sharing the highs and lows of her experience with holistic living.

Jivita sprouted as a natural extension of who she is - a 'big picture' coach with futuristic ideas and always willing to push the boundaries of the health and fitness industry. She is thrilled to see Jivita come to life, to bring an honest and raw place for you to explore and take your health journey back into your own hands.

Catherine Bond

Catherine Bond

The Angelic Powerhouse.

Catherine Bond has studied nutrition and is one of the co-founders of Jivita, a natural life made easy. Catherine graduated with a B.Com from Melbourne University in 1989 and worked in the business field before having a family and living overseas.

Her youngest daughter was 9 years old, when she was diagnosed as having coeliac disease. Due to a lack of healthy gluten free foods available for people with coeliac disease, Catherine began her journey learning about organic foods, healthy food options, healthy habits and low-toxic lifestyles. She graduated with a Master of Science in Traditional Nutrition from Hawthorn University, State of California, USA, in 2015 and completed the Functional Nutrition Course at The Functional Nutrition Academy, Australia, in 2018.

Catherine is passionate about raising peoples' consciousness and curiosity when they are buying products or services, so that their decisions reflect an understanding about the connection between optimal health and unnecessary toxins in our lives.

She aspires to create a ripple effect through our community and the world enabling people to have readily available, honest information about low-toxic products and thereby creating a more sustainable, more healthy and vibrant tomorrow.

Our Values

Cleanest ingredients
Community driven
Natural/low toxin
Let’s put food into our hot bods that our bodies recognise as food.
Keeping it simple and made by mother nature, that means, no hidden nasties peeps!
Wanting to be well informed, we fact check, vigorously test and try all of the things we share. Adding in supportive science and working with many health professionals to bring you raw and honest information. This space will always be a place for debate and reflection; the information will grow and develop as we do.
Thinking about your global footprint has been done for you.
Setting off with a solid foundation, we will continually consider how we can reduce our collectives’ negative impact on Mother Earth. Always learning and growing to leave this garden a little greener than how we found it.
Sustainability of a product, to Jivita, is taking into consideration the whole life of a product - from its creation, through to its use and finally back to mother earth. The minimal imprint on our precious hormones, general health and Mother Earth are ALWAYS taken into account and we are constantly searching for improvement.
Jivita is a safe place to explore, play and create, together.
Wading our way through this convoluted reality is tough with many frustrating steps along the way. We make it a whole lot smoother and sweeter when we do it as a collective. Takes a village guys ☺ Be kind to each other.
All animal products are of the HIGHEST standards. Here at Jivita, we believe in the circle of life with respect and gratitude at every part along the journey. Ethical thinking not only applies to the animals, but also staff utilised along the way; fair pay and good work conditions are an essential.
Healthy eating does not mean yucky tasting. Quite the opposite in fact!
So, we have many flavours to delight your taste buds and improve your gut bugs; making the healthy choice will soon become your preferred choice ☺

The Jivita Hub.

Join our free speaking Facebook community for a safe space to explore all things natural. Let’s get curious together, speak what’s on our minds and in our hearts (without FB deciding you can’t), have your questions answered and allow other peoples’ journeys to help you on yours.